BFS Show Rules (© British Fuchsia Society)

Bonsai is a living art form which possesses all the essential elements of composition, balance, perspective, texture and colour. A Bonsai Fuchsia should resemble nature in miniature.

Judging Guidelines:

  • 1. The exhibit must be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • 2. Exhibits are not to be picked up by the judge. They are viewed as the exhibitor has presented them and viewed from the front only.
  • 3. It should have the feeling of depth and look to be bowing to you without the branch tips pointing directly towards you.
  • 4. The trunk and main branches should be visible. There should be an openness such that a small bird could be imagined flying through it.
  • 5. When judging Fuchsia Bonsai normal judging criteria is used, but it must be secondary to Fuchsia Bonsai criteria.

Points Of Appraisal:

  • Flowers will be appraised on their general state of freshness. It must be remembered that flowers on exhibits in this section may be generally smaller than normal - this must not be considered a fault. The flower should not overwhelm the exhibit either in size or quantity. The number of flowers open should be in proportion to the size of the exhibit.
  • Foliage: Leaves will be appraised for their health and cleanliness. Foliage that is damaged, showing signs of ageing or wilting detracts from perfection, but in general the foliage will be smaller than normal. The size of the foliage must be in proportion to the exhibit.
  • Cultural Proficiency: Exhibits in this section should conform to a bonsai shape, with evidence of training to achieve the desired form -see diagrams for examples of some bonsai shapes. There should be clear signs of health and vigour; the branches should have good healthy foliage. In this section it must be considered that bonsai do not require an abundance of flower. There should be evidence of buds to complement the open flower. There should be no evidence of pests or diseases. Any bonsai wiring must be unobtrusive.
  • Presentation: The container should be clean, undamaged and of Bonsai style. The exhibit should be free from all weeds and debris with natural looking compost surface. Moss is permitted but should not extend up the trunk. Figurines are allowed but must be in proportion to the exhibit. Exposed roots and roots over rocks are desirable but not required, however they must not circle or cross each other. The whole exhibit should be presented at its best to attract attention.

Points System:

  • Overall appearance 50pts
  • Trunk and Roots 15pts
  • Branches l5pts
  • Foliage & Flower 15pts
  • Container 5pts