The Fuchsia is an easy to grow yet exotic looking plant that comes in many shapes & sizes, with flowers of varied colours & shapes. This makes the fuchsia a fascinating, popular & very rewarding garden plant, & it's bee friendly as well.

Fuchsias always attract attention & with such a huge range of colour & form there are cultivars that will appeal to all but the most ambivalent of gardeners. An extremely versatile plant, the fuchsia can be grown in flower beds or borders, hanging baskets, pots, tubs or containers & in the greenhouse.

With such a wide range of growing habits the fuchsia is easy to train into almost any shape you would like. Popular shapes include standards, pillars, fans, pyramids, espaliers & even topiary. They are also often grown as bonsai, for which many are very suitable, especially the encliandra types with their tiny leaves & flowers.

Capable of flowering abundantly & continuously from late spring until the first winter frosts, the fuchsia pays it's way in terms of sheer flower power & the pleasure derived from growing it. Fuchsias are bee friendly, as well as child friendly - being free of thorns - & bear non-toxic berries which are edible when ripe.

In summary, it can be said that the fuchsia is an ideal plant for any garden, patio, greenhouse, conservatory, hanging basket or window box. With so many cultivars available, one can be found for any purpose, to the great benefit & enjoyment of the bees, visitors & children in your garden. And yourself, of course.