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We are still in the process of tagging all our fuchsias, this feature is still under development, and will find more fuchsias as we continue to add and/or update Tags over time.

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Year Added

  • OFF 2015 - added to our catalogue for 2015
  • OFF 2016 - added to our catalogue for 2016

Flower Types

Plant Characteristics

  • Berries - produces large and/or numerous berries
  • Blue - all or part of flower is blue in colour
  • Compact - plant is small in overall size
  • Dark - flower has dark overall coloring
  • Flared - widely flared corolla shape
  • Foliage - plant has distinctive foliage, variegated, silvery, glossy etc.
  • Orange - all or part of flower is orange in colour
  • Pale - flower has light overall colouring
  • Picotee - flower petals are bordered in a different colour
  • Pink - flower is predominantly pink in colour
  • Purple - all or part of flower is purple in colour
  • Red - all or part of flower is red in colour
  • Scented - blooms are scented
  • Striped - flower colours striped or splashed
  • Tubular - flower has elongated tube
  • Up & Out - flowers face outwards, upwards, or both
  • Unusual - an oddity, has uncommon feature or features
  • White - flower is predominantly white in colour


  • Hardy - Hardy - check rating under Attributes
  • Bright - likes bright filtered light without direct sun
  • Challenging - require more attention than most, demanding in some way
  • Easy - very simple to grow, ideal for beginner and experienced grower alike
  • Shade - prefers a shady position
  • Sun - can tolerate full sun if roots are shaded


  • Basket - suitable for hanging baskets or pots
  • Bedding - suitable for garden bedding or containers
  • Bonsai - good for bonsai, having naturally small leaves and flowers
  • Exhibition - suitable/popular for exhibition use
  • Hedge - suitable for floral hedges
  • Standard - particularly suited for training as standards
  • Train - suitable for training into fans, pyramids, espaliers, pillars etc.