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Hybridiser: van der Putten, BW, (NL)
Year Introduced: 2011
Height 45cm
Spread 50cm


Strikingly coloured and easy to grow cultivar, suitable for exhibition, containers and bedding. Largely self deadheading, it is also nicely bushy, and breaks well. Flowers are medium sized, and hang on a fairly long pedicel.

Tube: White and very short.

Sepals: Pale rose pink 62B with apple green tips, held almost fully up and recurved.

Corolla: Violet reddish purple 80B, with a distinct patch of very pale pink white at the base of each petal. Only slightly flared.

Foliage: Small, neat leaves, dark greyish green.

Parentage: Ivana Van Amsterdam x unknown.

AFS 7989, NKvF 4929

Alexandra Meles No 7989 (van der Putten 2012)



COROLLA: unflared, smooth petal margins, bell shape; opens and matures reddish purple (80B); 20mm (3/4") long x 20mm (3/4") wide

SEPALS are fully up, tips recurved up; light pink (62C) tipped light green (145D) upper surface; pink (62B) lower surface; 25mm (1") long x 10mm (3/8") wide

TUBE is white; short, thin; 3mm (1/8") long x 3mm (1/8") wide

STAMENS extend 18mm (11/16") beyond the corolla; light pink (62C) filaments; pink (62D) anthers

PISTIL extends 22mm (7/8") beyond the corolla; white style and stigma

BUD is longish

FOLIAGE is dark green (137A) upper surface; medium green (137C) lower surface

Leaves are 60mm (2 3/8") long x 32mm (1 1/4") wide, elliptic shaped, serrate edges, acute tips, rounded bases

Veins are medium green, stems are gray green, branches are light green

PARENTAGE: seedling of Ivana Van Amsterdam x unknown

Tall upright

Self branching

Makes good upright

Prefers overhead filtered light or full sun

Best bloom color in bright or filtered light

Best foliage color in filtered light

Tested 2 years in Haarlem, The Netherlands

Nominated by NKvF as recommendable cultivar

Distinguished by flower color and shape.

Certificates & Nominations NKvF RC
Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Upright Bush #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #