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    General Wavell
Currently Unavailable
Hybridiser: Baker, Bernard, (UK)
Year Introduced: 1970
Height 65cm
Spread 50cm


Well named, with up to three flower buds per axil, this really does festoon itself with gorgeous creamy white and rose pink flowers. Easy to grow, vigorous, distinctive flower colouring.

Tube: Creamy white, pink 36C blush & stripe, slender.

Sepals: Pale pink 52D above, pink red 52B below, green recurved tip, 1/2 to fully up.

Corolla: Purple 71A, pink purple 71B base, 1/2 flared.

NKvF 6137


Hybridiser: B. Baker year unknown UK

Seed Parent: no data

Pollen Parent: no data

NKvF number: 6137

AFS number:

Flower: single, hanging from a sturdy curved stem, rose red / purple, 44mm.

Flower Tube: curved tube, cream pink 36C, blush and pink stripes, 19x8mm.

Sepals: horizontal position, symmetry four sides, top and cross-sectional plane, boss dimensions small and light green, pink color exterior 52D, 52B inside pink red, 31x10mm.

Petals: closed top, bottom view around, not outstanding, the petals are normally formed with an edge, color purple base 71B, middle and outskirts 71A purple, red veins, 36x22mm.

Filament: red, variable length, 25-18mm.

Anther: eggplant.

Pollen: missing.

Style: pink, 60mm.

Stigma: white, lobed.

Flowering: very rich.

Flowering: normal.

Bud: oblong, point sideways, angular diameter, 3 axillary buds per leaf axil, normally open top.

Berry: No data.

Leaf: heart shape, top striker foot heart shape, slightly serrated edge, matt appearance, smooth and bumpy, veins deepened color top and bottom middle green, reddish midrib, veins pale green, red petioles.

Growth habit: erect.

Cultivation Method: bush for in the shade, color best in partial shade.

Special features: no data.

Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Bush #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #