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Hybridiser: Michiels/Wagemans, (BE)
Year Introduced: 2002
Height 65cm
Spread 60cm


Generous in its production of upward facing flowers, excellent container plant. Considerable variation in flower colour depending on whether grown in shade or full sun.

Tube: Palest pink with slightly darker stripes.

Sepals: Palest pink through white to green tips on top, palest pink with green tips underneath. Held 1/2 down with slight recurve.

Corolla: Pale pink, darker at picotee edges, 1/4 flared when mature.

Parentage: Sport of WALZ Jubelteen.

AFS 4928

Softpink Jubelteen - No. 4928 (Michiels-Wagemans 2002)

Single. Upright

COROLLA is quarter flared with turned under smooth petal margins; opens and matures pale lavender (65D) edged rose (65A); 12mm (1/2) long x 15 mm (5/8) wide

SEPALS are half down, tips reflexed; white (155A) tipped light green (142A) upper surface, white (155C) flushed pink (62A) lower surface; 21mm (13/16) long x 11mm (7/16) wide

TUBE is light pink (38D), medium length and thickness; 11mm (7/16) long x 5mm (3/16) wide

STAMENS extend 11mm (7/16) beyond the corolla; light coral (38A) filaments, light yellow (3C) anthers

PISTIL extends 20mm (13/16) beyond the corolla; white (155C) style; light yellow (2B) stigma

BUD is ovate

FOLIAGE is dark green (137A) upper surface, medium green (138B) lower surface

Leaves are 57mm (2 1/4) long x 37mm (1 7/16) wide, ovate shaped, serrulated edges, acute tips and cordate bases

Veins, stems and branches are light green (138D)

PARENTAGE: Sport of WALZ Jubelteen

Medium upright

Self branching

Makes good upright or standard

Prefers full sun

Best bloom and foliage color in bright or filtered light

Tested three years in Koningshooikt and Hoeselt, Belgium

Certificate N.B.F.K. at Meise

Distinguished by profuse upstanding light coral rose blooms.

Softpink Jubelteen

  • Origin: sport WALZ Jubilee Teen
  • Growth habit: upright zelfvertakkend
  • Location: full sun, bright light

  • Flower: onlyFlower bud: oval
  • Flower Tube: pale coral pink 38d 11mm x 5mm
  • Sepal 21mm x 11mm halfway down beaten, top bent
  • Sepal top: greenish white (155A) light green (142A)
  • Sepal bottom: White (155C), pink blush (62A)
  • Petaloide: No, x
  • Corolla: 12mm x 15mm outstanding quarter, edge cool
  • Corolla starts color: light bright old rose (65D), rim saturated fuchsia purple (65A)
  • Stamens: filament: deep coral pink (38A) 11mmanther: light yellow (3C )
  • Pistil: Style: White (155C), Stigma: yellow (2B)

  • Leaf 57mm x 37mm oval
  • Leaf upper: dark green (137A)+ bottom green (138B)
  • + edge: finely serrated+ veins: light green (138D)
  • + stem: light green (138D)
  • Tips: light green (138D)

  • Hybridiser: MICHAEL WAGEMANS (BE)
  • Year introduced: 2001
  • AFS: 4928 NBFK: 477

  • Tested: 3 years in Hoeselt and Koningshooikt
  • Note: Erect, bright coral pink flowers
  • Information Source NBFK

Softpink Jubelteen

Hybridiser: M. Michiels / P. Wagemans 2001 BE

Seed parent: Sport of WALZ Jubelteen

Pollen parent:

NKvF number: 6080

AFS number: 4928

Flower: Single, standing on a solid neutral stem, cream / pink, 24mm.

Flower Tube: sleeve, round diameter, cream 36C, 8x5mm.

Sepals: horizontal position, four-sided symmetry, top variable section plane, boss dimensions quarter 145A and green, cream color exterior 36D, 36B inside light pink, 18x6mm.

Petals: normally shaped crown, bottom view oval, quarter outstanding, the petals are usually formed with a smooth edge, light pink color base 43D, middle and outskirts 43C pink, red edge, 12x11mm.

Filament: pink, variable length, 20-17mm.

Anther: white.

Pollen: cream.

Style: pink, 30mm.

Stigma: cream, lobed.

Flowering: rich.

Flowering time: usual.

Bud: oblong, tip sideways, angular diameter, two axillary buds per leaf axils, normally open top.

Berry: No data.

Leaf: heart shape, top striker foot heart shape, edge slightly serrated, matt appearance, smooth and bumpy, deeper veins, medium green color top and bottom. midrib, veins and light green petiole.

Growth habit: upright.

Growing Method: bush without preference for the place, best color in bright light.

Special features:

The flowers are up on sturdy branches.

Flower Size
Small (1.5 - 3cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Upright Bush #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #