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Szilvia Ocsai
Currently Unavailable
Hybridiser: Michiels, Marcel, (BE)
Year Introduced: 2000

A strong upright growing, self branching, free flowering fuchsia, this bears many bright, refreshing flowers.

Tube: Mainly white, occasional pale purple streaks, fairly short and slender.

Sepals: White with purple-pink edges and streaks. Held between horizontal and 1/2 up, recurved with green tips.

Corolla: Very pale purple maturing extremely pale lavender, 1/4 flared.

Foliage: Dark green on top of leaf, mid green under, reddish veins and stems.

Parentage: Rosella x Rosa Pummelchen.

AFS 4485

Szilvia Ocsai - No. 4485 (Michiels, 2000)

Semi-double. Upright

COROLLA is quarter flared with turned up smooth petal margins; opens pale purple (76C) with white (155A) base; matures pale lavendar (69B); 19mm (3/4") long x 22mm (7/8") wide

SEPALS are half up, tips recurved up; pink (36A) tipped light yellowish green (150A) upper surface; pink (49A) lower surface; 31mm (1 1/4") long x 7mm (1/4") wide

TUBE is white (155A), proportionately medium length and thickness; 16mm (5/8") long x 5mm (3/16") wide

STAMENS extend 16mm (5/8") below the corolla; light rose (58D) filaments and reddish purple (59B) anthers

PISTIL extends 40mm (1 9/16") below the corolla; light rose (58D) style and yellowish white (158A) stigma

BUD is rectangular and pointed

Foliage is dark green (137A) on upper surface and medium green (137C) on lower surface

Leaves are 62mm (2 7/16") long x 33mm (1 5/16") wide, lanceolate shaped, serrulated edges, acute tips and acute bases. Veins and stems are light reddish orange (171C); branches are orangish brown (172A)

PARENTAGE: Rosella x Rosa Pummelchen

Medium upright

Self branching

Makes good upright

Prefers overhead filtered light

Best bloom and foliage color in filtered light

Tested three years in Koningshooikt, Belgium

National Belgian Fuchsia Inspection at Meise

Distinguished by the delicate blossom color.

Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Bush #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #