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Hybridiser: Plows, Redine, (US)
Year Introduced: 1989

Think Pink is a strongly upright growing encliandra with deep pink single flowers (paler in shade) and good dark foliage. Gall mite resistant. Hardy to 28 F, -2.2 C.

Tube: Long, deep pink.

Sepals: Deep pink, held horizontally, pointed tips. Lower surface paler.

Corolla: Warm pink, fully flared petals slightly ruffled at the edge.

Parentage: Unknown

AFS 2500

THINK PINK - No. 2500 (Plows, 1989)

Single. Upright.

Full flared flat 0mm long x 8mm (5/16") wide COROLLA is rose (55B).

Horizontally held 4mm (1/8") long x 2mm (1/16") wide SEPALS are dark rose (54A) on the upper surface, slightly lighter (54B) on the lower surface with recurved tips.

Proportionately long thick 5mm (3/16") long x 4mm ((1/8")) wide TUBE is dark rose (54A).

STAMENS do not extend below corolla with minute cream/very light pink filaments and light pink edged rose purple anthers.

PISTIL extends 4mm below corolla with light pink (55D) style and light pink (55D) cross shaped stigma.

Long pointed BUD.

FOLIAGE is glossy dark green (147A) on the upper surface, greyish green (191A) on the lower surface with 13mm (1/2") long x 16mm (5/8") lanceolate shaped leaves, serrate edges, acute tips and bases. Veins and stems are green with green branching turning reddish in sun.

PARENTAGE: Found seedling of unknown parentage (encliandra type hybrid).

Self branching medium upright, decorative, miniature or bonsai.

Prefers overhead filtered light in a warm climate and is heat tolerant if shaded.

Will take full sun in cool climates with blooms light pink in shade and dark rose in sun.

Cold weather hardy to 28°F.

Easy to grow and propagate.

Tested 5 years in Fort Bragg and Northern California USA and introduced in 1986.

Distinguished by: gall mite resistance, short internodes, bushier growth.

Flower Size
Tiny (0.5 - 1.5cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Upright Bush #
H1c (Min 5°C to 10°C)
H3 (Min 1°C to -5°C) #