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Hybridiser: Birch, (UK)
Year Introduced: 1984

A truly variegated sport of the famous fuchsia 'Swingtime', with identical flowers. The brightly variegated leaves, (quite different to those of 'Golden Swingtime') needs good light but will bleach and burn in full sun.

Tube: Fairly short, red (45B).

Sepals: Fairly short and very broad, red, held fully up, tips recurved.

Corolla: Fully double, widely flared, pleated white petals with reddish veins at the base

Foliage: Heavily variegated in gold and reddish tones, particularly the young growth.

Parentage: Sport of Swingtime.

AFS 2155, NKvF 2438

Arcadia Gold - pending. (Birch)

Double. Trailer or upright

All bloom details are identical to Swingtime

FOLIAGE is same size as parent and varies in shades of light to mid-olive green with yellow to gold varigations

Yellow-gold variegations can be absent or present on different ovate shaped leaves and vary as to the amount covering from none to the whole leaf

Some of the leaves are just edged in yellow-gold while some are irreg- ularly blotched

Edges of leaf are serrate with obtuse tips and rounded bases

Veins are bright red with red stems and branches

PARENTAGE: sport of Swingtime

Self branching lax up- right or stiff trailer

Will make a good basket, upright, standard, pyramid or decorative

Prefers overhead filtered light and appears to have retained vigor of parent

Best bloom and foliage color in bright light

Tested 1 year near County Cleveland, England UK and registration pending upon completion of testing period

Distinguishing feature: different than Golden Swingtimeas foliage is truly variegated

Certificates & Nominations NKvF RC
Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Double #
Bush #
H3 (Min 1°C to -5°C) #
Variegated Foliage #