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Azure Sky
Delivery from August
Hybridiser: Johns, Eric, (UK)
Year Introduced: 1989

A self-branching smallish bush fuchsia, which continually produces stunning white and purple flowers. Gorgeous.

Tube: Cream with faint green stripes, medium length and thickness.

Sepals: Pure white on top, lower surface cream with a very faint pink flush, held horizontally, tips recurved.

Corolla: Half flared with smooth petal edges, opens blue violet maturing to purple.

Parentage: Dr. Manson x Flirtation Waltz.

AFS 2628, NKvF 4060

Azure Sky - No

2628 (E

Johns, 1991) Semi-double


Half flared 19mm (3/4") long x 25mm (1") wide COROLLA opens blue violet (90C), white at base maturing to purple (80A) with smooth petal edges

Horizontally held 32mm (1 1/4") long x 16mm (5/8") wide SEPALS are white (155B) on the upper surface, cream (158D) flushed very pale pink on the lower surface with recurved tips

Proportionately medium 16mm long x 7mm (1/4") wide TUBE is cream (158D) striped pale green

STAMENS extend 19mm beyond corolla with light pink (55D) filaments and reddish purple (61B) anthers

PISTIL extends 25mm beyond corolla with white (155A) style and cream (158D) stigma

Rounded BUD

FOLIAGE is medium green (137B) on the upper surface, slightly lighter (137C) on the lower surface with 44mm (1 3/4") long x 25mm wide ovate shaped leaves, serrulate edges, acute tips and rounded bases

Veins are pale green with green flushed pink stems and green branches


Manson' x 'Flirtation Waltz'

Self branching small to medium upright or standard

Prefers overhead filtered light in a cool climate with best bloom color in filtered light

Tested 5 years in Harrogate and Northampton, England UK

Distinguished by: continuous bloom, bloom color contrast

Azure Sky

Hybridiser: Johns 1989 UK

Seed parent: Dr. Hanson

Pollen parent: Flirtation Waltz

NKvF number: 4060

AFS number: 2628

Flower: single to double, hanging from a neutral solid stem, white-green / blue lilac, 33mm.

Flower Tube: sleeve, round diameter, white 157A, 10x5mm.

Sepals: horizontal position, four-sided symmetry, top right, diameter hollow boss dimensions small and green 142B, 157A white exterior color, interior white spot pink 157A 96A, 22x12mm.

Petals: bell-shaped crown, bottom view around, outstanding quarter, the main petals and the remaining petals 18x16mm, are normally formed with a smooth edge, cream color base NN155A, middle and outskirts lilac blue N82A.

Filament: pink, four long and four short stamens, 8-6mm, there are also some white hairs present.

Anther: pink.

Pollen: missing.

Style: cream, 23mm.

Stamp: yellow, lobed.

Flowering: rich.

Flowering: normal.

Bud: bag shape, diameter around 2 axillary buds per leaf axils, top opens like a lantern.

Berry: No data.

Leaf: elliptical shape, top striker foot stomp, edge light gatand, matt appearance, smooth and flat, similar veins, medium green color top, bottom, midrib, veins and light green petiole.

Growth habit: upright.

Growing Method: bush for filtered light, best color in filtered light.

Special features: beautiful, richly flowering plant with well-shaped flowers.

Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Semi Double #
Bush #
H4 (Min -10°C to -5°C) #