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Hybridiser: Niederholzer, Gustave, (US)
Year Introduced: 1934
Height 60cm
Spread 45cm


Small single or semi double flowers, but plenty of them, carried on quite low and graceful, slender growth suitable for espalier training.

Tube: Rosy red, slim.

Sepals: Rosy red, pale green tip, 1/2 down, recurved.

Corolla: Rich rosy pink, 1/4 flared, petals slightly ridged.

Parentage: F. magellanica x unknown.

NKvF 2318

Other Awards RHS AM, 1978
Flower Size
Small (1.5 - 3cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Semi Double #
Semi Trailing #
H5 (Min -15°C to -10°C) #