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Hybridiser: Thornley, Alfred, (UK)
Year Introduced: 1971
Height 75cm
Spread 60cm


Abundant small to medium sized flowers provide a truly eye-catching display, in gorgeous colours. Named for the famous and historic Preston Guild, held only once every 20 years. As far as we're concerned any year is a good one to grow this graceful beauty.

Avoid full sun, which bleaches the blue, and makes the white parts pink.

Tube: White with tinge of green.

Sepals: White with apple green tips, curled prettily almost back to the tube when mature, often with a slight twist.

Corolla: Violet blue, darker edges, paler at base, little or no flare.

Foliage: Narrow mid green leaves.

Parentage: Dorothea Flower x Hawkshead.

AFS 1010, NKvF 2331

Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Bush #
H3 (Min 1°C to -5°C) #