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Hybridiser: Waldenmaier, Henk, (NL)
Year Introduced: 2006
Height 75cm
Spread 75cm


With Naaldwijk 800 as one of its parents this could hardly fail to be alluring, and it is, we love it.

Nearly always described as an upright bush but I can't get it to grow upwards. Mine are fabulous spreading, semi trailing plants or lax bushes instead. Henk Waldenmeier also notes that it makes strong horizontal growths.

Tube: Reddish purple. Medium length and thickness.

Sepals: Dark reddish purple, held slightly below horizontal, slightly recurved tips.

Corolla: Purple maturing dark reddish purple.

Foliage: Very unusual greyish red, especially on young growth. A highly attractive feature.

Parentage: Herps Parachute x Naaldwijk 800.

AFS 6579, NKvF 6154

Herps Kipkar – No 6579 (Waldenmaierm 2007)

Single. Upright

COROLLA: half flared, wavy, turned under petal margins; opens purple (71A); matures dark reddish purple (61A); 15mm (9/16) long x 12mm (7/16) wide

SEPALS: half down, tips recurved; dark reddish purple (61A) upper surface; dark reddish purple (64A) lower surface; 31mm (1 1/4) long x 5mm (3/16) wide

TUBE: reddish purple (61B); medium length & thickness; 15mm (9/16) long x 4mm (1/8) wide

STAMENS extend 5mm (3/16) beyond the corolla; magenta (67B) filaments; purple (71A) anthers

PISTIL extends 21mm (13/16) beyond the corolla; reddish purple (61B) style; magenta (67B) stigma

BUD is elongated

FOLIAGE is dark green (137A) upper surface; medium green (138B) lower surface

Leaves are 73mm (2 7/8) long x 41mm (1 5/8) wide; ovate shaped, serrulate edges, obtuse tips, rounded bases

Veins are very dark purple (187A), stems are dark reddish purple (187D), branches are dark reddish purple (187B)

PARENTAGE: Herps Parachute x Naaldwijk 800

Small upright

Self branching

Makes good upright

Prefers overhead filtered light, cool climate

Best bloom & foliage color in filtered light

Tested 3 years in Herpen, The Netherlands. Meise 9/16/06

Distinguished by bloom color.

Herps Kipkar

Hybridiser: J. H. Waldenmaier 2006 NL

Seed Parent: Herps Parachute

Pollen Parent: Naaldwijk 800

NKvF number: 6154

AFS number: 6579

Flower: Just hanging on a solid neutral stem red purple / red purple, 36mm.

Flower Tube: sleeve, round diameter, 63mm red purple, 16x5mm.

Sepals: horizontal position, four-sided symmetry, top variable cross-sectional area, whole red color purple 60A, 35x6mm.

Petals: normally shaped crown, bottom view oval, not outstanding, the petals are usually formed with a smooth edge, slightly purplish red color base 60B, middle and outskirts pair red 60A, 21x14mm.

Filament: eggplant, variable length, 28-24mm.

Anther: eggplant.

Pollen: missing.

Style: red, 54mm.

Stigma: eggplant, lobed.

Flowering: normal.

Flowering time: usual.

Bud: oblong, tip sideways, angular diameter, axillary bud 1 per leaf axils, normally open top.

Berry: No data.

Leaf: elliptical shape, top striker foot stomp, slightly serrated edge, matt appearance, smooth and flat, similar veins, color top and bottom medium green midrib and petiole red, light green veins.

Growth habit: upright.

Growing Method: bush without preference for the place, best color in partial shade.

Special features: No data.

Flower: Single, medium-sized, hanging flower, aubergine

Flower Tube: Dim. 15 x 5 mm; round, shiny

Color: dark red aubergine (60A)

Sepals: horizontal; outside: dark red aubergine (60B); inside: dark red aubergine (60B); Dim. 30 x 5 mm .

Petals: round, semi outstanding; Dim. 16 x 15 mm; color aubergine (59A)

Filament: purple; 10 mm below petal

Anther: purple

Style: purple; 25 mm below petal

Stigma: light purple; lobed

Flowering: normal

Flowering Period: normal

Bud: elongated

Leaf: lanceolate; Dim. 90 x 40 mm; corrugated leaf edge; pointed top and base; color: light green-gray top with red tinge and red veins, medium green underside; stem red light

Growth habit: upright, strong growth, with horizontal branches

Cultivation Method: shrub or bush for place in bright light or partial shade; normal peaks

Specifics: flowers via cluster formation in horizontal branches; in the shadeThe leaf has a very nice color combination of gray and red, especially in the leaves on the stem ends.

Flower Size
Large (4.5 - 6cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Semi Trailing #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #