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Hybridiser: Braam, Hans, (NL)
Year Introduced: 2006

Absolutely lovely fuchsia, the flower petals look like they are made of velvet.

Tube: Magenta, medium length and thickness.

Sepals: Reddish purple with light yellowish green tips. Held horizontal with recurved tips, fully recurved when mature.

Corolla: Reddish purple maturing to purple, 1/4 flared.

Foliage: Dark green.

Parentage: Loxhore Mazurka x Hertogen Van Brabant.

AFS 6387

Huets Baraketh – No 6387 (Braam, 2007)

Single. Upright/Trailer

COROLLA: Quarter flared; smooth turned under petal margins; opens dark reddish purple (N79C); matures purple (71A); 22mm (7/8) long x 20mm (3/4) wide

SEPALS: horizontal, tips recurved; reddish purple (71B) tipped light yellowish green (150C) upper surface; reddish purple (64B) tipped light yellowish green (150C) lower surface; 27mm (1 1/16) long x 9mm (5/16) wide

TUBE: magenta (59C); medium length & thickness; 18mm (11/16) long x 4mm (1/8) wide

STAMENS extend 8mm (5/16) beyond the corolla; reddish purple (71B) filaments; reddish purple (N79D) anthers

PISTIL extends 14mm (9/16) beyond the corolla; dark reddish purple (72A) style; dark reddish purple (70A) stigma

BUD is ovate

FOLIAGE is dark green (136A) upper surface; medium green (138A) lower surface

Leaves are 79mm (3 1/8) long x 33mm (1 5/16) wide, elliptic shaped, serrate edges, acute tips, rounded bases

Veins are light apple green (145B), stems are light apple green (145B) & plum (185C), branches are light green (139D) & plum (185C)

PARENTAGE: Loxhore Mazurka x Hertogen Van Brabant

Lax upright or stiff trailer

Self branching

Makes good basket, upright or standard

Prefers overhead filtered light, full sun, cool or warm climate

Best bloom & foliage color in bright or filtered light

Tested four years in Doetinchem, Belgium. Meise 8/12/06

Distinguished by bloom & foliage combination.

Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Semi Trailing #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #