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Hybridiser: Wagemans, Pierre, (BE)
Year Introduced: 2008

Elegant blooms in wonderful colours, deserves to be better known.

Tube: Pink 48D, long, slim.

Sepals: Pink 43D above, orange 44D below, green Rc tip, 1/2 down.

Corolla: Opens orange red 39A, matures light orange 41D, 1/4 flared.

Parentage: WALZ Harp x Wentworth.

AFS 6743, NBFK 1011

‘Inekris’ – No 6743 (Wagemans)

Single. Upright/Trailer.

COROLLA: quarter flared, turned under wavy petal margins; opens orangy red (39A); matures light orange (41D); 11mm (7/16”) long x 9mm (5/16”) wide.

SEPALS: half down, tips reflexed; pink (43D) tipped light apple green (145C) upper surface; orange (44D) tipped light apple green (145C) lower surface; 30mm (1 3/16”) long x 7mm (1/4”) wide. TUBE: pink (48D); long & thin; 32mm (1 1/4") long x 5mm (3/16") wide.

STAMENS do not extend beyond the corolla; light pink (39D) filaments; light yellow (1C) anthers.

PISTIL extends 5mm (3/16”) beyond the corolla; light orange (41C) style; pale yellow (2D) stigma.

BUD is elongated.

FOLIAGE is dark green (139A) upper surface; medium green (138B) lower surface. Leaves are 80mm (3 3/16”) long x 36mm (1 7/16”) wide; ovate shaped, serrulate edges, acute tips, rounded bases. Veins are yellowish green (144B), stems are yellowish green (144A) & plum (184C); branches are yellowish green (144B) & grayish red (181C).

PARENTAGE: ‘WALZ Harp’ x ‘Wentworth’.

Lax upright or stiff trailer. Self branching.

Makes good basket. Prefers full sun, warm climate.

Best bloom in bright or filtered light. Best foliage color in bright light.

Tested 3 years in Hoeselt, Belgium.

Distinguished by bloom color combination.


  • Pedigree: WALZ Harp Wentworth x
  • Growth: semi trailing
  • Position: full sun
  • Flower: single Flower bud: oblong
  • Flower Tube: light bright pink 48d 32mm x 5mm
  • Sepal: 30mm x 7mm semi beaten down, head bowed
  • Sepal top: pink scarlet 43d with light apple green tops 145c
  • Sepal bottom: 44d dull coral red with light apple green tops 145c
  • Petaloide: No, x,
  • Corolla: 11mm x 9mm 1/4 outstanding, corrugated edge
  • Corolla launch color: orange red 39a
  • Corolla final color: light vermiljoenroze 41d
  • Stamens: filament: light bright coral pink 39d anther: light yellow 1c
  • Pistil: style: vermiljoenroze 41c stamp: buff 2d
  • Leaf: 80mm x 36mm; oval
  • Leaf top: dark green 139a + bottom: medium green 138b
  •  + edge: fine toothed + veins yellowish green 144b
  •  + stem yellowish green plum purple 144a and 184c
  • Leaves: yellowish green 144b and 181c gray red
  • Indroduction year: 2007 AFS: 6743 NBFK: 1011
  • Tested: 3 years in Hoeselt
  • Notes: beautiful flower combination
    Flower Size
    Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
    Flower Type
    Single #
    Semi Trailing #
    H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #
    Tubular Flower #