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Hybridiser: de Graaf, Herman, (NL)
Year Introduced: 1988
Height 60cm
Spread 60cm


A reliable fuchsia giving a bold and colourful display, probably hardier than H2, given its parentage.

Tube: Greenish white with orange-pink flushes.

Sepals: Rose, through white to green tips. Held 1/2 up from horizontal with slightly recurved tips.

Corolla: Purple maturing red-purple with raspberry-pink splashes. 1/2 flared.

Parentage: (F. lycioides x F. magellanica) X Florentina.

AFS 2367, NKvF 1953

Mood Indigo - No

2367 (de Graaff, 1988)


Upright or trailer

Half flared COROLLA has inner petals 23mm (7/8") long x 21mm (7/8") wide and 12mm (1/2") long x 10mm (3/8") wide outer petals with smooth petal edges

Corolla opens purple (77A) with a pink base maturing to reddish purple (71B) with a pink base

Fully to half up 24mm (1") long x 10mm (3/8") wide SEPALS are pale yellowish green (149D) on the upper surface, lighter (150D) on the lower surface with darker recurved tips

Sepals are blushed red in sun

Proportionately thin 16mm (5/8") long x 4.5mm (1/8") wide pale yellowish green (149D) TUBE is of proportionately medium thickness

STAMENS extend 12mm below corolla with pink (55B/C) filaments and greyish red (182B) anthers

PISTIL extends 21mm (7/8") below corolla with light pink (55D) style and cream (11D) stigma

Long necked ovate pointed BUD

FOLIAGE is green (137B) on the upper surface, yellowish green (146C) on the lower surface with 49mm (1 7/8") long x 12.5 (1/2") wide lanceolate to cordate shaped leaves, serrulate edges, acute tips and bases

Veins are light yellowish green with light yellow green blushed red stems and branches

PARENTAGE: (F. lycioides x F. magellanica ) x 'Florentina'

Lax upright or stiff basket

Prefers overhead filtered light in a cool climate with best bloom color in filtered light

Award of Merit 1987, VKC Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

Tested 3 years in Lisse, The Netherlands

Distinguished by: bloom color.

Mood Indigo

Hybridiser: H. J. de Graaff 1990 EN

Seed parent: Zulu Queen

Pollen parent: Zulu Queen

NKvF number: 1953

AFS number: 2367

Flower: double, hanging on a loose neutral stem, greenish white / red pair, 43mm.

Flower Tube: slightly curved tube, diameter round, greenish 155B, blush dark red, 20-6mm.

Sepals: curled position, four-sided symmetry, top up, diameter hollow boss dimensions small and green 145C, 155B greenish color outside, inside greenish 155D, 31x13mm.

Petals: normally shaped crown, bottom view around three quarters outstanding, the four main petals 24x22mm, and about 20 other petals 21x15-13x7mm are lobed with an edge and partially pleated, color base white, middle orange 41B, outskirts pair red 61A.

Filaments: eggplant, 4 long and 4 short stamens, 36-29mm.

Anther: yellow.

Pollen: cream.

Style: Yellow, 61mm.

Stamp: yellow, lobed.

Flowering: normal.

Flowering: normal.

Bud: peg top point sideways, angular diameter, axillary one button per leaf axil, normally open top.

Berry: No data.

Journal: egg shape, top striker foot rounded edge slightly serrated, matt appearance, smooth and slightly lumpy veins equal, color top, bottom, midrib and veins pale green, reddish petiole.

Growth habit: erect.

Cultivation Method: pendant or shrub for filtered light, best color in filtered light.

Special features: Plant with very separate colored flowers that are hard to describe. Although the basic color of the tube and sepals is greenish-white, this is as much as with dark red "interleaved", that they are much more make a reddish impression. Approved by the VKC on 18-8-1990.

Other Awards VKC AM 1987
Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Double #
Semi Trailing #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #