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Hybridiser: Dietrich, Waltraud, (DE)
Year Introduced: 1995
Height 60cm
Spread 66cm


Bold and brassy fuchsia. Great basket cultivar, as although the flowers are large, they are carried freely.

German bred and named, often incorrectly referred to as Blue Angel in the UK.

Tube: White 192C with pale green stripe

Sepals: White, green recurved tip, 1/2 up, broad, concave.

Corolla: Blue violet N88A, matures more pink 84C, fully flared.

Foliage: Mid green.

Parentage: La Campanella x unknown.

NKvF 5022

Blauer Engel

Hybridiser: W. Dietrich 1995 DE

Seed Parent: La Campella

Pollen Parent: unknown

NKvF number: 5022

AFS number:

Flower: double, hanging on a loose neutral stem L.groen / purple, 38mm.

Flower Tube: tube, diameter round, light 192c, 10x5mm.

Sepals: stand up symmetry half duplex, top up, diameter sphere with a dent, color outside and white inside 0000, boss dimensions quartz and green 149c, 55x15mm.

Petals: closed top, bottom view around, not outstanding, the four main petals 22x23mm, and approximately 21 other petals 22x16-12x14mm are shovel-shaped with a serrated edge and are pleated, color base and society violet N 88A, outskirts pink 84C, stains pink 84C.

Filament: pink, equal in length, 20mm.

Anther: pink.

Pollen: missing.

Style: white, 55mm.

Stigma: cream, lobed.

Flowering: normal.

Flowering: normal.

Bud: sleeve, round cross section, one axillary bud per leaf axil, normally open top.

Berry: No data.

Leaf: elliptical shape, top striker foot rounded edge cool, matt appearance, smooth and flat, similar veins, medium green color top, bottom, midrib, veins and light green petiole.

Growth habit: hanging.

Cultivation Method: hanger for filtered light, best color in filtered light.

Special features: Research revealed that Blue Angel in circulation under the erroneous name Blue Angel.

Flower Size
Giant (6cm +) #
Flower Type
Double #
Trailing #
H1c (Min 5°C to 10°C) #