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Delta's Fellow
Currently Unavailable
Hybridiser: Vreek-van't Westeinde, (NL)
Year Introduced: 1991
Height 65cm
Spread 75cm


Self branching, very free flowering tricolour. Naturally trailing, useful for all types of hanging displays. Flowers over a long period. This is a poor photo.

Tube: Pink 48C, long & slender.

Sepals: Cream 159D above, pale pink 56C below, green tips, horizontal, so strongly recurved they look fully up, slightly twisted.

Corolla: Opens violet 77B, matures light red purple 73A, unflared.

Foliage: Medium green.

Parentage: Longfellow x Iceberg.

AFS 2793, NKvF 2268

DELTAS FELLOW - No. 2793 (J.C. vant Westeinde/Gebr. vant Westeinde, 1991)

Single. Trailer

Nonflaring 27-33mm (1 1/16-1 1/8") long x 28mm (1 1 /8") wide COROLLA opens violet (77B) maturing to light red purple (73A) with smooth petal edges

Horizontally held 45mm (1 3/4") long x 10mm (3/8") wide SEPALS are cream (159D) on the upper surface, pale pink (56C) on the lower surface with green recurved tips

Proportionately long thin 30-40mm (1 1/8-1 5/8") long x 3-4mm (1/8") wide TUBE is pink (48C)

STAMENS extend 3-4mm beyond corolla with pink (55C) filaments and pale yellow (4D) anthers

PISTIL extends 0-20mm (0-3/4") beyond corolla with light pink (55D) style and cream (158C) stigma

Pointed elongated BUD

FOLIAGE is medium green (137B) on the upper surface, medium green (138B) on the lower surface with 45-55mm (1 3/4-2 1/8") long x 14-23mm (1/2-7/8") wide lanceolate shaped leaves, serrate edges, acute tips and bases

Veins, stems and branches are magenta (68A/B)

PARENTAGE: Longfellow x Iceberg

Self branching natural trailer

Prefers overhead filtered light in a cool climate with best bloom color in filtered light

Award of Merit, VKC Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

Tested 3 years in The Netherlands and introduced in 1987

Distinguished by: profuse longlasting blooms, bloom color.

Other Awards VKC AM
Flower Size
Large (4.5 - 6cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Trailing #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #
Tubular Flower #