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Hybridiser: de Graaf, Herman, (NL)
Year Introduced: 1988
Height 50cm
Spread 80cm


Striking and unusual colour markings, superb in containers. Flower colour barely changes as it matures. Low, spreading growth.

Tube: White.

Sepals: White with green tips, held up and recurved, twisted.

Corolla: Purple with white splashes, fully flared.

Foliage: Mid green.

Parentage: ((F.lycioides x F.magellanica ) x F. excorticata ) x Seventh Heaven.

AFS 2519, NKvF 2352

Ratatouille - NO 2519 (de Graaff, 1989)

Double. Upright

Three quarter flared 22mm (7/8") long x 19mm (3/4") wide COROLLA opens purple (71A/B) with white stripes maturing to dark reddish purple (70A) with white stripes and smooth petal edges

Fully up 25mm (1") long x 11mm (3/8") wide SEPALS are pale lavender (65D) on the upper surface, pale lavender (65D) with a pale pink base (65B) on the lower surface and recurved tips

Proportionately medium 18mm (3/4") long x 8mm (1/4") wide TUBE is pale lavender (65D)

STAMENS extend 10mm (3/8") below corolla with reddish purple (71B) filaments and dark reddish purple (72A) anthers

PISTIL extends 27mm (1 1/16") below corolla with light purple (65B)/pale pink (65B) style and pale yellow (4D) stigma

Squarish BUD

FOLIAGE is dark green (137A) on the upper surface, medium green (137C) on the lower surface with 41mm (1 5/8") long x 22mm wide elliptic shaped leaves, serrulate edges, acute tips and rounded bases

Veins, stems and branches are light yellow green

PARENTAGE: [(F. lycioides x F. magellanica ) x F. excorticata ] x 'Seventh Heaven'

Self branching medium upright

Prefers overhead filtered light in a cool climate with best bloom color in filtered light

Award of Merit, VKC The Netherlands 1988

Tested 3 years in Lisse, The Netherlands

Distinguished by: profuse blooms, bloom color, small bloom color change as matures.


Hybridiser: H. J. de Graaff 1988 NL

Seed Parent: (F. lycioides x F. magellanica) x F. excorticata

Pollen Parent: Seventh Heaven

NKvF number: 2352

AFS number: 2519

Flower: double, hanging on a loose neutral stalk, white / red purple, 41mm.

Flower Tube: sleeve, angular diameter, color white, 18x8mm.

Sepals: stand up completely, four-sided symmetry, top up, cross-sectional plane, boss dimensions small and very light 145D, 155B white exterior color, interior white 155D, 35x14mm.

Petals: rosette-shaped top, bottom view around, half outstanding, the four main petals 23x20mm, and about 18 other petals 24x14-16x3mm are normally formed with an edge and partially pleated, color based light purplish pink 75D, midfield red purple 61B , outskirts red purple 61A, spots pale pink 62D.

Filament: eggplant, variable length, 41-34mm.

Anther: eggplant.

Pollen: missing.

Style: eggplant, 58mm.

Stigma: cream, lobed.

Flowering: rich.

Flowering: normal.

Bud: peg top point sideways, round cross section, two axillary buds per leaf axil, normally open top.

Berry: No data.

Leaf: egg shape, top striker foot rounded edge slightly toothed, glossy appearance, smooth and flat, veins deepened color top and bottom means green, midrib, veins and light green petiole.

Growth habit: erect.

Cultivation Method: bush for filtered light, best color in filtered light.

Special features: Nice, good color containing plant with beautiful white sepals and a dark crown. Approved by the VKC on 27-8-1988.

Other Awards VKC AM
Flower Size
Large (4.5 - 6cm) #
Flower Type
Double #
Semi Trailing #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #