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Hybridiser: Waldenmaier, Henk, (NL)
Year Introduced: 1985
Height 45cm
Spread 60cm


This amazing long tubed trailing fuchsias carries bunches of magenta and cardinal red slender flowers, giving an eye-catching and appealing show. Likes overhead lightly filtered sun, and is heat tolerant if shaded.

Tube: Bright cardinal red, long and slender with a 'hip' at the sepal end.

Sepals: Bold cardinal red with pale pink tips, held 1/2 down with slight reflex at tips.

Corolla: Magenta, 1/4 flared.

Foliage: Dark green, slightly lighter on the underside of the leaves.

Parentage: (F. magdalenae x (Forgotten Dreams x unknown)) x Whiteknights Pearl.

AFS 2065, NKvF 2357

WALZ HOORN - No. 2065 (Waldenmaier, 1987)

Single. Trailer

Quarter flared 17mm (5/8") long x 18mm (3/4") wide COROLLA is magenta (66B) with smooth petal edges

Half down 25mm (1") long x 9mm (3/8") wide SEPALS are cardinal red (53D) on the upper surface, slightly lighter (53C) on the lower surface with reflexed tips

Proportionately long 55mm (2 (1/8") long x 8mm (1/4") wide cardinal red TUBE is of proportionately medium thickness

STAMENS do not extend below corolla with pink (55C) filaments and yellow (18C) anthers

PISTIL extends 5mm (1/8") below corolla with pink style and yellow stigma

70mm (2 (3/4") long x 13mm (1/2") wide TUBE

FOLIAGE is dark green (137A) on the upper surface, lighter (138A) on the lower surface with 100mm ( 3 (7/8") long x 45mm (1 (3/4") wide ovate shaped glabrescent leaves, serrate edges, acute tips and rounded bases. Veins and stems are medium green (138A)

PARENTAGE: [F. magdalenae x Forgotten Dreams x unknown)] x Whiteknights Pearl

Natural to stiff trailer

Will make a good basket, standard or pillar

Prefers overhead filtered light to full sun and is heat tolerant if shaded

Best bloom color in bright to filtered light

Certificate of Honor, Dutch Committee of Inspection, Aalsmeer

Tested 3 years in Schaijk, The Netherlands and introduced in 1985

Distinguishing features: long tubed trailer.

Flower: Single; long flower hanging on a long peduncle; Dim.. 80 mm

Flower Tube: long and thin; Dim.. 55 x 8 mm; sometimes bent at the base; color: shiny crimson (53C) with darker stripes; warts at the base of the edges of the sepals

Sepals: Short and wide beaten down sepals; beaten down tops; Dim.; 25 x 8 mm; outside: glossy deep scarlet red (46C), red and green stripes point; inside: turkish red; tops striking bright green

Petals: ¼ outstanding; the petals, the length of which is slightly greater than the width, having at the upper edge 3 lobes; Dim.. 17 x 18 mm; color: bright purple cyclamen (67A) to crimson purple (61C); basic turkish red; vague darker veining; some petals are on stalks

Filament: cream; messy

Anther: pink

Style: pink

Stigma: cream; lobed

Flowering: generous to very generous; the flowers hang in bunches on the end of the stems

Flowering time: normal

Bud: beautiful shiny red, some angular bud; bag form, oblong; striking green top with side-firing point

Leaf: normal size; elliptical leaf; Dim.. 80 x 40 mm; pointed apex; obtuse base; coarsely toothed edge; corrugated; color: fresh medium green satin, top 147A, 147B bottom; red petiole

Growth habit: half pendant; self branching; the stems are short members

Cultivation Method: halfhanger for place in full sun and bright light

Specialties: fuchsia with beautiful colors by the shiny, gracefully shaped hanging fresh red flowers and nicely drawn buttons

Can be ensiled.

Certificates & Nominations DCI CoH
Flower Size
Giant (6cm +) #
Flower Type
Single #
Trailing #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #
Tubular Flower #