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Herps Tamboerijn
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Hybridiser: Waldenmaier, Henk, (NL)
Year Introduced: 2002

A medium sized plant with delightful outward facing tubular blooms of pink and magenta. Pinch well in spring, will produce 2 or 3 buds per axil.

Tube: Magenta 63B, narrow at sepal end.

Sepals: Magenta 58B above, dark rose 58C below, horizontal, well recurved.

Corolla: Pale pink 69A, 1/4 flared.

Foliage: Dark green 139A, glossy leaves.

Parentage: (F. magdalenae x Rubra Grandiflora) x Impudence.

AFS 5391, NKvF 4809

Herps Tamboerijn No. 5391 (Waldenmaier, 2004)

Single. Upright

COROLLA: quarter flared, smooth petal margins; opens and matures pale pink (69A); 17mm (11/16") long x 15mm (9/16") wide

SEPALS: horizontal; tips recurved; magenta (58B) upper surface; dark rose (58C) lower surface; 26mm(1") long x 10mm (3/8") wide

TUBE: magenta (63B); medium length and thickness; 27mm (1 1/16") long x 9mm (3/8") wide

STAMENS: extend 10mm (3/8") below corolla; pale lavender (65D) filaments; light yellow (4C) anthers

PISTIL: extends 25mm (1") below the corolla, rose (65A) style; pale lavender (65D) stigma

BUD: ovate

FOLIAGE: dark green (139A) upper surface, medium green (137C) lower surface

Leaves are 90mm (3 9/16") long x 45mm (1 3/4") wide, elliptic shaped, serrated edges, acute tips and acute bases. Veins, stems and branches are red

PARENTAGE: (F. magdalenae x F. fulgens grandiflora) x Impudence

Medium upright

Makes good upright or standard

Prefers overhead filtered light

Best bloom and foliage color in bright light

Tested 3 years in Herpen, The Netherlands

Award of Merit, VKC, The Netherlands

Distinguished by horizontal flowers with pronounced visible stamens.

Herps Tamboerijn

Hybridiser: J. H. Waldenmaier 2002 NL

Seed Parent F. magdalenae x F. fulgens var. rubra grandiflora

Pollen Parent: Impudence

NKvF number: 4809

AFS number: 5391

Flower: single, hanging from a solid neutral stem, red / purple, 38mm.

Flower Tube: tube, diameter round, red 52A, 20x6mm.

Sepals: horizontal position, four-sided symmetry, top up, cross-section, color completely red 52A, 25x7mm.

Petals: rosette-shaped top, bottom view around, not outstanding, the petals are diamond shaped with an edge and are stalked, basic color white, light pink midfield 73D, outskirts lilac 73A, 20x18mm.

Filament : pink, equal in length, 30mm.

Anther: cream.

Pollen: gray.

Style: pink, 60mm.

Stigma: pink, lobed.

Flowering: rich.

Flowering: normal.

Bud oblong, round cross section, two axillary buds per leaf axil, normally open top.

Berry: none.

Leaf: elliptical shape, apex obtuse rounded foot, sawn edge, matt appearance, smooth and flat, veins deepens, color dark green top, bottom and inherit medium green, light green midrib and petiole.

Growth habit: erect.

Cultivation Method: shrub or stem for filtered light, best color in filtered light.

Special features: sturdy upright plant that much needs to be topped with a rich bloom.

Flower: Single, medium-sized flower on short sturdy stem.

Flower Tube: from the base forms a bulge (nectary ) which tapers towards the narrower calyx; Dim.: 27 x 9 mm; color: red pink, amber with a hint of brown (63B)

Sepals: horizontal; arched tops; Dim. 26 x 10 mm; exterior: red, ending in brown tops (58B); inside: from the base (58C) lighter towards green tip

Petals: lobed; pale lavender / pink (69A) to the base almost white, tapering towards the edges (68B); 25% spread

Filament: pink; some filaments outside the crown

Anther: yellow

Style: pink, extends well beyond the crown

Stigma: pink; lobed

Flowering: very good; multiple buds per axil

Bud: oblong; point sideways; red / brown

Leaf: elliptical; pointed tip; coarsely toothed; Dim.

90 x 45 mm; color: top (139A), bottom (137C); deep veins; stem red slightly continuous in the midrib; branches dark ruby red

Growth habit: strong upright growth

Cultivation Method: shrub or bush for place in filtered light

Specifics: Plant should be much pinched in spring.

Other Awards VKC AM
Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Upright Bush #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #
Tubular Flower #