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Hybridiser: Beije, Martin, (NL)
Year Introduced: 2000
Height 110cm
Spread 80cm


Flowers profusely, large and very substantial flowers on a large and vigorous bush. Quite spectacular, Atahualpa always really stands out in any display. The leaves are large, thick, dark green and leathery, giving an excellent foil to the flowers. Fabulous.

Tube: Red 42A, very long, slightly flared.

Sepals: Red 45A above, red 44B below, horizontal, tips reflexed.

Corolla: Bright red orange (43A and 45C), petals 1/2 down, bell-shaped.

Parentage: F. vulcanica x Lechlade Apache.

NKvF 4058


Hybridiser: M. Beije 1999 NL

Seed Parent F. vulcanica

Pollen Parent: Lechlade Apache

NKvF number: 4058

AFS number:

Flower: single, hanging from a solid neutral stem, red / red, 59mm.

Flower Tube: bell-shaped crown, bottom view around, red 42A, 43x9mm.

Sepals: horizontal position, four-sided symmetry, top down, section plane, boss dimensions small and dark 146A, exterior color red 45A, 44B inside red, 25x8mm.

Petals: bell-shaped crown, bottom view around, half outstanding, the petals are normally formed with an edge, color-based society and red 43A, 45C outskirts red, 18x13mm.

Filaments: red, 4 long and 4 short stamens, 17-14mm.

Anther: cream.

Pollen: missing.

Style: red, 71mm.

Stigma: pink, club-shaped.

Flowering: rich bunch.

Flowering: normal.

Bud: triphyllas shape, point sideways, angular diameter, normally open top.

Berry: No data.

Leaf: elliptical shape top striker foot rounded edge very slightly serrated, matt appearance, smooth and slightly lumpy veins deepened, phyllotaxis meertallig, color top and bottom means green, midrib, veins and reddish petiole.

Growth habit: erect.

Cultivation Method: bush for filtered light, best color in filtered light.

Special features:

beautiful plant with a beautiful red triphyllas flowers that give a nice contrast against the dark leaves.

Flower Size
Large (4.5 - 6cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Upright Bush #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #
Tubular Flower #