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Hybridiser: Weeda, B, (NL)
Year Introduced: 1985
Height 90cm
Spread 90cm


Easy and unusual species hybrid bearing gorgeous small flowers in large, spectacular, paniculate clusters. These are produced early in the year on old wood, it makes most of its vegetative growth much later, usually in summer. Can make a very large plant, needs plenty of root room.

Tube: Pink, slender.

Sepals: Light pink, held horizontally, green tips.

Corolla: Light pink, 1/4 flared.

Foliage: Medium green, large leaves.

Parentage: F. paniculata x F. splendens.

AFS 1853, NKvF 2277

FIRST SUCCESS - No.1853 (Wedda, 1985)

Single. Upright

Quarter flared 6mm (1/4") long x 8mm (1/4") wide COROLLA opens light pink (70B) maturing slightly lighter (70D) with turned under smooth petal edges

Fully up 7mm (1/4") long x 4mm (1/8") wide SEPALS are light pink (621D) with tips recurved

Proportionately medium 8mm (1/4") long x 4mm (1/8") wide TUBE is pink (57D)

STAMENS extend 7mm (1/4") below corolla with light pink (70D) filaments and light yellow (l0D) anthers

PISTIL extends 11mm (3/8") below corolla with light pink (70C) style and pale yellow (2D) stigma

Ovate-rounded BUD shape

FOLIAGE is green (147A), lighter (148B) on the lower surface with 125mm (5") long x 70mm (2 3/4") wide elliptic shaped leaves, entire edges, acute tips and bases

Veins are green, stems and branches green and red

PARENTAGE: F. paniculata x F. splendens

Medium upright

Will make a good upright or standard

Prefers overhead filtered light and is cold weather hardy to 5º C

Best bloom color in bright light

Certificate of Honor, Dutch Committee of Inspection, Aalsmeer

Blooms early in spring and in a limited amount during the summer in the shade

Tested 3 years near Rotterdam, Holland, Netherlands and introduced in 1982

Distinguishing features: primary cross; specific bloom clusters.

Flower Size
Small (1.5 - 3cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Bush #
H1c (Min 5°C to 10°C) #