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Hybridiser: de Graaf, Herman, (NL)
Year Introduced: 1986

Superb species hybrid that's also a genuine triphylla, although it doesn't look like one. The flowers are small, but so many are produced that the whole plant is a blaze of bold colour, giving a wonderful display. We really love this one.

Tube: Dark red 46A/B, proportionately long.

Sepals: Dark red 46A above, slightly paler 45A below, horizontal, slightly reflexed tip.

Corolla: Dark red, 53A 1/4 flared, smooth petals.

Foliage: Light yellowish green, red veins and branches.

Parentage: (F. lycioides x F. magellanica) x F. triphylla.

AFS 2189, NKvF 1702

RED RAIN - No. 2189 (de Graaff, 1987)

Single. Upright or trailer

Quarter flared 8mm (1/4") long x 7mm (1/4") wide COROLLA is dark red (53A) with smooth petal edges

Horizontally held 12mm (1/2") long x 4mm (1/8") wide SEPALS are dark red (46A) on the upper surface, slightly lighter (45A) on the lower surface with reflexed tips

Proportionately long 18mm (3/4") long x 5mm (1/8") wide dark red (46A/B) TUBE is of proportionately medium thickness

STAMENS do not extend below corolla with dark pink (54B) filaments and red (45C) anthers

PISTIL extends 5mm below corolla with red (45A) style and red (45D) stigma

FOLIAGE is light yellowish green (144A) on the upper surface, slightly lighter (144A/B) on the lower surface with 29mm (1 1 /8") long x 9mm (3/8") wide lanceolate shaped leaves, serrulate edges, acute tips and bases. Veins and branches are red with brown stems

PARENTAGE: (F. lycioides x F.magellanica) x F. triphylla

Self branching small upright or stiff trailer will make a good basket

Prefers full sun in a cool climate with best bloom color in bright light

Propagate in spring, easy to grow

Award of Merit, VKC Holland 1986

Tested 3 years in Lisse, The Netherlands

Distinguishing features: form and leaf size in triphylla hybrid, profuse blooms.

Red Rain

Hybridiser: H. J. de Graaff 1986 EN

Seed Giver: Rosea

Pollen Giver F. triphyllas

NKvF number: 1702

AFS number: 2189

Flower: Just hanging on a loose neutral stem D.rood / D.rood, 28mm.

Flower Tube: bell-shaped crown, bottom view angular, dark 45A, 19x6mm.

Sepals: horizontal position, symmetry four-sided, flat top, diameter sphere, color exterior and top dark 46A, 46B inside dark, 11x4mm.

Petals: bell-shaped crown, bottom view around, outstanding quarter, the petals are normally formed with an edge, color base pair red 57B, middle and outskirts couple red 58A, red veins, 9x7mm.

Filament: pink, 4 long and 4 short stamens, 6-4mm.

Anther: cream.

Pollen: missing.

Style: red, 32mm.

Stamp: pink, lobed.

Flowering: normal.

Flowering: normal.

Bud: triphyllas shape, point sideways, angular diameter, axillary one button per leaf axil, normally open top.

Berry: No data.

Leaf: elliptical shape, top and foot pointed, slightly serrated edge, matt appearance, smooth and flat, similar veins, medium green color top, bottom and light green veins, midrib and petiole reddish.

Growth habit: erect.

Cultivation Method: bush for in full sun and in a warm place, best color in bright light.

Special features:

triphyllas a hybrid whose flower tubes in the transition to the chalice are slightly narrowed. Approved by the VKC on 16-8-1986.

Other Awards VKC AM
Flower Size
Small (1.5 - 3cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Semi Trailing #
H2 (Min 1°C to 5°C) #
Tubular Flower #