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Hybridiser: de Cooker, Mario, (NL)
Year Introduced: 2014

An unusual and lovely species hybrid with clusters of long, tubular flowers in shades of red and orange. Resents full sun.

Tube: Red 53C, long.

Sepals: Red 53C above, slightly paler 53D below, broad and short, fully down.

Corolla: Opens and matures light orange 41C, unflared, smooth petal edges.

Foliage: Big, dark, rough textured leaves.

Parentage: Strike The Viol x (tetraploid) F. splendens.

AFS 8382, NKvF 6047

‘Wake The Harp’ – No 8382 (De Cooker 2014)

Single. Upright.

COROLLA: unflared, smooth petal margins, bell shape; opens & matures light orange (41C); 12mm (7/16") long x 9mm (5/16") wide.

SEPALS are full down, tips recurved; red (53C) upper surface; red (53D) lower surface; 30mm (1 3/16") long x 15mm (9/16") wide.

TUBE is red (53C); long, medium thickness; 30mm (1 3/16”) long x 15mm (9/16") wide.

STAMENS extend 1mm (1/16”) beyond the corolla; pale pink (36D) filaments; pale yellow (158B) anthers.

PISTIL extends 2mm (1/16”) beyond the corolla; pale pink (36B) style; pale yellow (158B) stigma.

BUD is long.

FOLIAGE is dark green (147A) upper surface; medium green (147B) lower surface.

Leaves are 110mm (4 3/8”) long x 55mm (2 3/16”) wide, pubescent, elliptic shaped, serrulate edges, acute tips, acute bases. Veins, stems & branches are red.

PARENTAGE: ‘Strike The Viol’ x (tetraploid) F. splendens.

Medium upright.

Self branching.

Makes good upright or standard.

Prefers overhead filtered light.

Best bloom & foliage color in filtered light.

Tested 6 years in Ohé en Laak, The Netherlands.

Distinguished by bright colored flowers & dark leaves.

Wake the Harp

Author: M. de Cooker 2013 NL

Seed Parent: Strike The Viol

Pollen Parent: tetraploid F. splendens

NKvF number: 6047

AFS number: 8382

Flower: single, hanging from a solid neutral stem, red / orange, 37mm.

Flower Tube: curved tube, diameter around 53C red, light red stripes, 30x15mm.

Sepals: stand down completely symmetrical four-sided, flat top, diameter sphere, exterior color and red top 53C, 53D inside light red, 12x9mm.

Petals: bell-shaped crown, bottom view square, quarter outstanding, the petals are diamond shaped with a smooth edge, orange color whole 41C, 7x7mm.

Filament: cream, four long and four short stamens, 12-7mm.

Anther: cream.

Pollen: missing.

Style: cream, 32mm.

Stigma: cream, lobed.

Flowering: rich bunch.

Flowering time: usual.

Bud: oblong, circular cross section, normally open top.

Berry: elongated, 17x10mm.

Leaf: elliptical shape, head and foot pointed, serrated edge, looks dull, rough and flat, veins deepens, color dark green top, bottom middle green, midrib, veins and petiole red.

Growth habit: upright.

Growing Method: shrub or stem for filtered light and a place in the shade, color best in filtered light.

Special features: The plant is a hybrid triphylla and it can get a little difficult with a combination of higher temperatures and bright sun.

Flower Size
Medium (3 - 4.5cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Bush #
H1c (Min 5°C to 10°C) #
Tubular Flower #