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Hybridiser: Rolt, Gwen, (UK)
Year Introduced: 1999
Height 65cm
Spread 70cm


Big, fully double blooms of white and palest pink, but not heavy or coarse. A lovely and surprisingly tough cultivar that deserves to be more widely grown.

Gwen has grown this permanently outside in her garden for many years, although she originally bred it as a basket type.

Tube: Greenish white, rose stripes, medium length and thickness.

Sepals: Pale pink, almost fully up, often with a slight random twist (clockwise or widdershins). Pale green, recurved tip.

Corolla: Creamy pinkish white, pink basal veins. Petal length and width varies, edges are often rolled inwards, 3/4 to fully flared.

Flower Size
Giant (6cm +) #
Flower Type
Double #
Semi Trailing #
H4 (Min -10°C to -5°C) #