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Hybridiser: de Cooker, Mario, (NL)
Year Introduced: 2011

Very attractive flower shape and colours, easy to grow, Mario recommends pinching once or twice. If not pinched , he says, 'January cuttings statrt flowering already abundantly in May'. He has named it after one of the family Airedale Terriers.

Tube: Pale rose, longish and slim.

Sepals: Pale rose, held horizontal and recurved.

Corolla: Red-purple, ¾ flared.

Foliage: Darkish mid green.

Parentage: Remembering Claire x unknown.

AFS 7981, NKvF 4913

Delphobe – No 7981 (De Cooker 2012) Single


COROLLA: quarter flared, wavy petal margins, bell shape; opens & matures purple (71A); 20mm (3/4") long x 23mm (7/8") wide

SEPALS are half up, tips recurved up; light pink (62C) tipped yellowish green (146B) upper surface; light pink (62C) lower surface; 22mm (7/8") long x 7mm (1/4") wide

TUBE is light pink (62C); long, thin; 22mm (7/8") long x 3mm (1/8") wide

STAMENS extend 5mm (3/16”) beyond the corolla; light purple (70C) filaments; light grayish yellow (160C) anthers

PISTIL extends 15mm (9/16”) beyond the corolla; light purple (70C) style; white stigma

BUD is longish

FOLIAGE is dark green (137A) upper surface; medium green (138B) lower surface

Leaves are 65mm (2 9/16") long x 35mm (1 3/8") wide, elliptic shaped, serrate edges, acute tips, rounded bases

Veins, stems & branches are grayish green

PARENTAGE: Remembering Claire x unknown

Lax upright or stiff trailer

Self branching

Makes good upright or standard/basket

Prefers overhead filtered light

Best bloom & foliage color in limited light

Tested 5 years in Ohé en Laak, The Netherlands

Nominated by NKvF as recommendable cultivar

Distinguished by flower color & early flowering.


Hybridiser: M. de Cooker 2011 NL

Seed Parent: Remembering Claire

Pollen Parent: unknown

NKvF number: 4913

AFS number: 7981

Approval Number: 110105

Points: 84

Flower: Just hanging on a loose neutral stem L.rozepaars / red purple, 37mm.

Flower Tube: tube, diameter around L.roze 62C, 22x3mm.

Sepals: position half way, four-sided symmetry, top up, cross-sectional plane, boss dimensions small and green 146B, color outside and inside light pink purple 62C, 22x7mm.

Petals: bell-shaped crown, bottom view around, outstanding quarter, the crown leaves are lobed with a tip, whole red color purple 71A, 20x23mm.

Filament: eggplant, 4 long and 4 short stamens, 45mm.

Anther: yellow.

Pollen: yellow.

Style: yellow.

Stigma: white, clavate.

Flowering: rich.

Flowering time: early.

Button: oblong, angular diameter, two axillary buds per leaf axil, top opens like a lantern.


Leaf: elliptical shape, top striker foot rounded edge slightly serrated, matt appearance, smooth and flat, similar veins, color top and bottom means green, midrib, veins and petiole gray green.

Growth habit: erect.

Cultivation Method: bush for filtered light, best color in filtered light.

Special features: Self branching plant that gets better if pinched once. Plant in the sun stays (happy in sun-OFF) with striking flowers. This is a cultivar nominated by the NKvF.

Certificates & Nominations NKvF RC
Flower Size
Large (4.5 - 6cm) #
Flower Type
Single #
Semi Trailing #
H1c (Min 5°C to 10°C) #
Tubular Flower #